Those that caught my eyes!

 hi guys! since there r a lot of ppl asking me about my favourite blogshop n etc etc….i m gonna update this post once i spotted something nice n reasonable k?

so…here we go!

FYI, I did not get paid for this. So, no worries :p


RM54 The PopLook

C01 and C02 / 11102012  RM59 / Chiffon dress with ribbon on waist / pink and blue

E01 and E02 / 11102023  RM65 / lace collar dress / White and black

X02 and X03 / 19100610  RM29 / ribbon belt / Pink, grey, blue and brown
X04 and X05 / 19100610  RM29 / ribbon belt / Pink, grey, blue and brown



Y01 / 14100850  RM69 /Soft material flat shoe / pink and dark grey
Y02 / 14100850  RM69 /Soft material flat shoe / pink and dark grey


Z07 and Z08 / 15100519  RM69 / PVC leather old school bag / Brown, black, mustard and grey

All From Mooie


Very cute Scallopy Jacket, but too bad it’s being reserved by others 😦 RM99

Endless Trend – Body con skirt RM55

All from Moca


RM45 (Free delivery)

RM46 (Free delivery)

RM32 (Free delivery)

Kathie Blouse

RM46 (Free Delivery)

Lady Chic Blouse

RM45 (Free Delivery)

All From Emmy Cubic




This is so nice but sadly they were all sold out already :((((

Daily Boutique

Pretty model + Pretty Dress

RM 45

RM 55

Topshop inspired scallopy top!


All from Phat Culture

Prettiest oxford that i ever seen~

Hopefully the quality is as good as how it shown

RM75 – Pre order

This is so nice la! but the it’s kinda pricey~

Small RM208, Big RM218 – Pre Order

The October


Colour Block Bandage Dress RM45


Diamond Chain Sexy Top RM49

Diamond Collar Chiffon Top RM45

Diamond Chiffon Top RM45

All from Little Paris Dress Book

Customize Dress from Emcee Couture! Nice!!!


Cute Satchel from Little Lucy



Perfect Top with Perfect Skirt~

RM88 for whole set – Taking preorder

owh! this is LOVEly!!!!

Velvet Tulle Pearl Dress RM66 – Sold Out but restockable

Both from An Old Flame


Peter Pan colar top!

RM46 Free delivery

Emmy Cubic


owh! can i have this dress???





Both from The Odd Loft




RM39 (Skirt)

RM39 (Skirt)

Hotcakes from Room8008!

Y everythign so nais one????


Skirt RM59

All One Piece Dresses RM79

All Tops RM55

Moca, Boutique at Bangsar.


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